Western Canada Veterinary Eye Specialists
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For the vets

Information for our referring veterinarians


We see patients on a referral basis only except for breeders' dogs who need a screening exam for OFA or CERF.

Please fax us (604 549 4941) the completed form with a summary of the history and the current ophthalmic problems as well as any other information you consider necessary (blood work, cytology results, etc.).

Please do not send us copies of the patient's medical records unless they are important for our understanding of the current problem.

Referral form (click here)

The clients will be asked to fill out the patient sheet when they arrive at our clinic. You may provide the owner with this form prior to the appointment to fill out and bring with them.


We encourage you to call (604 549 4944) or email for advice that we provide free of charge. We aim to respond to you within a business day, however, this is not always possible. Please let our staff know if you need emergency advice. If you need advice urgently, kindly provide us with a phone number that we can reach you at even after your clinic is closed.

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